Max Planck Institute for Infection Biology

Max Planck Institute for Infection Biology

Professor Stefan H.E. Kaufmann, Director at MPIIB, Head Department of Immunology, Professor for Microbiology and Immunology at Charité/Humboldt University Berlin and Honorary Professor at Free University of Berlin. Doctor Honoris Causa from Université de la Mediterranée, Aix-Marseille II. Founding Director of MPIIB (1993).
MPIIB, one of currently 80 institutes operated by the Max Planck Society, is among Europe’s centers of excellence committed to biological research in the field of infectious diseases. Stefan Kaufmann’s Department of Immunology uses multi-disciplinary approaches to infection biology, comprising concepts and methodologies of molecular genetics, immunology, cell biology, molecular epidemiology, and clinical research. It particularly aims at a better understanding of the biology of mycobacterial pathogens and the identification and structural/functional characterization of mycobacterial molecules essential for intracellular survival as well as for virulence and persistence. One of its major goals is the development and improvement of an effective vaccine against tuberculosis disease.

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